<![CDATA[THE Z-NAIL GANG - Z-BLOG]]>Mon, 29 Feb 2016 15:08:10 -0800EditMySite<![CDATA[The Peoples Reviews  "Iconic"]]>Fri, 22 Aug 2014 03:47:22 GMThttp://www.znailgang.net.nz/z-blog/the-peoples-reviews-iconicOver the last few weeks as we have released in the Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Auckland and Napier; it's been an absolute privilege to receive so many messages of congratulations and endorsement for the film and for all who contributed.

Because this has been a community project from beginning to end, please share these wonderful words as an acknowledgment to all who gave so much time, resource and investment to bring this story to the silverscreen.

Feel free to add your own comments so that we can have a living record of our amazing journey!

 "Awesome, unpretentious and down to earth (excuse the pun!). Sound track brilliant. Must watch local flick of the year."

"Congratulations on such a fine film, you had potentially the most critical audience last night and got universal approval, not a negative word was heard. It had a powerful effect on those that were active in the early days, validating their actions and celebrating the community spirit that still exists. So thank you very much, Watchdog will never forget the effort you have made and the long term benefits Z-Nail Gang will have in keeping Coromandel the beautiful place we all love."
Gordon, Coromandel Watchdog

We went and watched this movie last night in Howick. Really enjoyed it on so many levels! Truly an awesome achievement to write and produce. Thanks for all the hard work- so worth it!!

"this movie is an absolute gem - da bomb!"

"Please thank the community in the Bay for honoring our community in the Coromandel, we were thrilled with the film. "
Whitianga resident

"Just been to see the Z-Nail Gang with a group of people and LOVED it!! Well done to your family I say.  Love the humour all the way through."  Thames resident

"Holy s**t mate that was one awesome movie. Much respect bro to you and all the team who put together such an awesome movie."
Known Activist

"It really captures the spirit of how a community can make a difference when confronted by greed and the resulting ecocide."
Sea Shepherd

Graham (Auckland Actors) took his hat off to you that you have achieved so much in such a short time span. He thought it was a solid performance from everyone, and hopes that people go and see it.

"A film that proves on and off screen that when people get together and stand together anything is possible!"
Creative Tauranga

"Just watched this arvo with the family at Rialto Tga. Great job guys! The filming, scenery shots and acting was of a very high standard. Special mentions to "Auntie" and "Dave" characters who probably stole the show among a very strong ensemble. All the best with it."
Marc Dalton

"Awesome movie guys, tino pai o koutou mahi! Thanks very much for coming to Whakatane today and talking to the audience about the movie. It deserves to get good reviews and audiences around the country. A great advertisement for what communities can do to act together."  Barrie

"Yahooooooooooo want to see it again"  Mark

"I saw it at Rialto, Tauranga and was really impressed. Loved the writing and felt the movie was entertaining and had some poignant moments. To get to this standard on such a minute budget is a credit to those involved."
TGA Girl

"The first thing that stood out was that this film doesn't look like it was done on a budget... if you're wanting a feel good comedy sprinkled with some drama then watch this movie. Forget the low budget pull, get some ice-cream, take your beloved and enjoy it. Thank you for making a funny emotive and incredibly relevant movie."
Lilly Kinder
"Just been to see a brilliant independent film called the Z Nail Gang. A beautiful story about community, surfing, pottery, fishing, secret horticulture, police brutality and Parliamentary Ministers overstepping the bounds. Featuring Errolls underpants and Cobens fake mustache and Stuarts motorcycling skills. See it if you can. It's a beautifully shot piece of New Zealand"

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful film!  It is completely unbelievable how it was done on nearly no budget and turned in to a beautifully fine tuned stunning piece of work.  A HUGE compliment to you both and all you set out to achieve.  Congratulations, I hope you both feel really really proud and the film deserves to do incredibly well."
Belinda, B&M Creative Artists

Awesome, unpretentious and down to earth (excuse the pun!). Sound track brilliant. Must watch local flick of the year.  Arsel

"This film celebrates our highly successful and creative campaign in the 1980s and 1990's to protect the Coromandel from multinational gold mining. It is a fast paced and funny fictionalised account of community resistance to the destruction of the environment. The organising and activism which it portrays will resonate with everyone who stood up for the protection of Schedule 4 land in 2010 and everyone who believes we have a better future than letting big companies dig holes in our country and create toxic waste. As a Green MP I am proud to have been part of the inspiration for this story and to be a member of a political party dedicated to both the environment and the power of communities to manifest solidarity and sustainability. Enjoy the film and join the campaigns to love and protect Aotearoa"
Catherine Delahunty, Green MP

"I am still buzzing after seeing the movie on Thurs. I am very impressed and have been talking it up around town."  Lois

"We just wanting to say a Big Thank you for the invite to last night's Premiere. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we thought you all did an amazing job with the film. There was definitely a lot of laughter in the room last night. We wish you all the best for the big night in Auckland and thank you for approaching us and giving us the opportunity to feature in your film."
Neville Marsh

"The movie is fantastic!"  Ruby

"Sensational film. 10/10 from this Coromandel resident! Thank god real life super heroes still exist!"  Christian

"Last night, we were invited to the premiere screening of The Z-Nail Gang movie, starring one of our BaseFM DJs, Paul Ballard – wow, a man of many talents and a movie that inspires! 'From communities for communities' – we can identify with that ay? Big ups to the cast and all crew involved! What a great and meaningful story you have brought back to life!"
Jasmin, BaseFM

"I saw this in Whitianga along with many that were involved in the original story. Loved it. I think they have done a wonderful job at portraying the what went on in those bygone days. We can only hope that we do not have to go through all that again. Congratulations to all that were part of the movie and the original story, both did a marvellous job."

<![CDATA[Coromandel Celebrates]]>Sun, 10 Aug 2014 23:36:59 GMThttp://www.znailgang.net.nz/z-blog/coromandel-celebrates
Such an exciting and humbling night last night, offering the people of Coromandel the first opportunity to see The Z-Nail Gang on the silver screen.  We knew this was the evening that really counted in the films release - because it is not just a story or a film to many people here - it was and is their life.  It was great to see this point was really acknowledged & celebrated last night.  The atmosphere after the film was neat to just be able to absorb, to see people moved, recounting their own stories and memories and feeling their story was honoured. 

It was a full house, in fact people were on a wait list for a ticket. 
The audience was a mix of original anti-mining protestors, present day environmentalists & genuinely interested locals.  Being a comedic eco-drama, the film had everyone both laughing and crying and coming away from it in excited conversation. 

Coromandel Watchdog and their supporters, who were seeing the film for the first time, were thrilled with the depiction of their historical struggle and the portrayal of the strength and power within unified communities.  Gordon Jackman, Chair of Watchdog commented “you had the potentially most critical audience last night and got universal approval, not a negative word was heard. It had a powerful effect on those that were active in the early days, validating their actions and celebrating the community spirit that still exists”.

Got some great pics of the evening - my favourite is the ticketing box - no digital here!

<![CDATA[The Next Generation]]>Mon, 14 Jul 2014 08:15:27 GMThttp://www.znailgang.net.nz/z-blog/the-next-generation
A key component of any community is the kids.  They're the one's that we work for, the one's that we lay foundations for, the one's that pick up the mantel and carry our hopes and dreams into the future. 

And it's the children who live with the consequences of the way we live our lives and how we treat the environment around us. The Native Americans have an ecological concept called "seven generation sustainability" which holds appropriate to think seven generations ahead (about 140 years into the future) and decide whether the decisions they make today would benefit their children seven generations into the future.  This is a key message in the film - "let me tell you about the next generation".

And in this film, that's who Malachi and Jojo represent; our future and the future we choose for NZ children.

What's very special about these two characters,
is that they represent two brothers who did fight alongside their parents in the anti-mining protests of the 80's.  In fact it's one of these brothers who inspired the whole movie (on a couple of snowboarding trips with Anton).  Hilarious and true stories such as breaking into prospectors cars and eating their shrewsberry biscuits (so 80's) have been incorporated into the film. 

What impressed Anton was that it was the young ones who at the start, actually get off their bums and do something to stop the mining, rather than just sit round arguing like the adults. 

Two special boys acted these roles - Malachi and Jojo White.  Both completely new to the screen and to acting, we cast them because we've known them for years and know that their personalities were perfect for the parts of these two on-screen characters.  Brothers in life, their bond, their cheek, their zest for life and
their energy is so natural and completely engaging.  They were focused, sincere and committed to the whole filming process.  They were a great reminder to us during filming of why we were doing it – for our community and for the future.  

As all the cast and crew did on-set, you'll fall in love with these guys. 

<![CDATA[Our sound team rocks!]]>Thu, 03 Jul 2014 21:04:27 GMThttp://www.znailgang.net.nz/z-blog/our-sound-team-rocksThinking of our sound team tonight as they hit the last 48hrs of mixing down the film. They've been hard at it for weeks now - 14hr++ days week after week and tonight they're having a late one in a studio in Auckland, ensuring we meet the deadline for the premiere. 

I'd like to do the biggest shout out to Sam Charrington, John Ellis and Alf Rose who have been so committed, creative and have been simply blow your mind amazing. You guys rock. 

Keep it up we're with you in spirit! xx
<![CDATA[It's time for some National Publicity!]]>Sun, 29 Jun 2014 07:44:49 GMThttp://www.znailgang.net.nz/z-blog/its-time-for-some-national-publicity
We're on countdown guys – four weeks until our premiere in the Bay, 6 weeks until it hits the Coromandel, and 7 until it's available in cities and towns throughout New Zealand!

So, how have we got this far?
Connect, Create, Celebrate has been our kaupapa from the outside and it helped us gain serious momentum.
  • Connect – with community, with each other, with individuals, businesses & organisations.  Putting relationships first.
  • Create – enabling a space where people have an outlet for their creative strengths and get to fully utilise their creative gifts.
  • Celebrate – focus on what we do have: assets, resources, skills and talent.  Appreciating everyone's contribution, small or large.  We see and celebrate the gold in the community around us.

By connecting, creating and celebrating we have created a film that is huge. It cost a maximum of $30,000 to produce, yet it looks, feels and represents millions of production value dollars.  This is not your average low-budget film with a simple story and small cast, this is a highly-resourced production with a huge message, a community worth of principal cast, limos, helicopters, drill rigs, night scenes, choreographed stunt sequences, 20+ locations and hundreds of extras.  I'd say this is the biggest low budget film ever to hit NZ cinemas – and this is an achievement certainly worth celebrating!

So gang, let's celebrate this with the rest of New Zealand – by making sure people have heard about it, talk about it, get out and see it!  

We're already booked in cinemas across the country: Auckland, Christchurch, Coromandel, Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North, Levin, Motukea, Akaroa... the list is increasing everyday. We need people in all of these locations to be excited about this film before it arrives. 

To do this with our limited budget, we all need to go back to the same model that proved so successful during our production phase:
  • Connect – identify the strengths in your networks and find places to share the story that connects you to the film, whatever that may be!
  • Create – let's get creative with how we can connect with people. Let's use our skills and creative strength to get the word out
  • Celebrate – how are you spreading the word, how are you encouraging people to join the gang?  Anyone running around in Santa suits? or even Z-nailing a few tyres? (joking) Have fun with the process and share it with us. Let's celebrate this community achievement from start to finish!
A few suggestions on how we can get others to join our 'gang':
-  Get your friends to 'Like' us on Facebook
-  Share our trailer on their Facebook pages and encourage them to share it further
-  Share a link to our website and help grow the community as a whole
-  Add an Email footer to your communications with links to The Z-Nail website
-  Organise pre-screenings or a special screening as a fundraiser / corporate evening! We can either use cinemas or they could even hold their own events which is a great way to support community groups, or thank employees with a fun night out
-   Lastly, help us put up posters in and around your local community
Many groups and organisations supported this film:
  • Scouts, Rotary, Lions, Red Hats, Wetlands, Book clubs, Iwi groups – remember, all of these groups are in pretty much every community around the country
  • There are local activist groups who want to know about this film, your family & friends, neighbours, sports clubs, political groups, businesses.  Who can you connect us to?

We already have the potential to make this big, but we want to make it HUGE!

  1. When we first released our trailer it was shared by over 200 people on Facebook and had a post reach of over 20,000 people! We are now sitting at over 5,000 'direct' views on Youtube, but as views on Facebook don't add to that click rate, we can only assume that our trailer has probably been viewed a lot more than that!
  2. When we released the date of our premiere the story was in the top four most read stories in the Bay of Plenty Times all weekend.  It received over 180 Facebook shares.  

Let's share it again, let's share the trailer and reach thousands more, let's encourage people to 'Like' the Facebook page and join the gang.  Let's prove community is not just an ideological concept but one of the strongest forces on earth, with the power to unite and the power to create momentum!
<![CDATA[The Bad Guys who stole the show!]]>Wed, 25 Jun 2014 08:13:02 GMThttp://www.znailgang.net.nz/z-blog/the-bad-guys-who-stole-the-show
Meet Tom and Fred our two Australian prospectors.  Some may think that those attributes alone
would make them the most obvious of characters to dislike in the film, but on the contrary – these two are probably in the 'most loved' section! 

Actors Mike Lowe and Phil Brown brought so much to the table that in our initial edits we had to cut them back because they stole so much of the show! However, even after being trimmed our test screening audience still rated them as true highlights.

In the actual script they were fairly minor characters, with not too many lines. But once on set, their superbly witty and often ridiculous improvisation immediately drew fans.  The fact that they spent hours in the car together driving to and from the Bay of Plenty gave them plenty of time to plot, scheme and perfect their new roles.

Aside from their amazing acting skills, they are also incredibly nice guys, happily helping crew at the drop of a hat and often making creative suggestions for our art department. They were more than happy to help unload the truck or get someone a coffee and when Mike asked you how your day was going – you knew he really wanted to know.  Even during those rare occasions (ahem) when the hangovers were 'hanging over', they were still "churrpy as chiiips" – with an Australian twang, obviously.

These two will definitely require their own special feature on the DVD release – watch this space!
<![CDATA[Celebration 1000: Z-Nail T-Shirt Designs Released]]>Mon, 23 Jun 2014 03:50:27 GMThttp://www.znailgang.net.nz/z-blog/celebration-1000-z-nail-t-shirt-designs-released
In celebration of reaching 1,000 likes on our Facebook page, we've decided to release the Z-Nail T-Shirt designs a little earlier!

There are two great designs:
  1. "Te Maunga, No Mining"  which is the T-shirt worn by the cast and protestors in the film.  Te Maunga literally means 'The Mountain' and the silhouette we've used is the very special mountain Motutere (Castle Rock/The Giant) found in the Coromandel. Use of its image has been generously gifted to us by Ngati Huarere. This T-shirt comes in black or green.
  2. "Some Things Really Are Worth More Than Gold" This T-shirt is a celebration of the strength of community, recognising how precious our people and environment are!  This T-shirt comes in blue, orange or purple (a special one made with our Red Hat Ladies in mind).

We are in the process of setting up an online shop here on the site, which will be available soon - so watch this space!

In the meantime we'd love to hear which style you'd be interested in pre-ordering – just comment on this blog or private message us on Facebook with your chosen colour, size (S, M, L, XL) and an email address so that we can sort out delivery.

(at this stage just tell us what you'd like so we can start producing and we'll sort out $$ and delivery once film is released)

<![CDATA["Make loads more!"]]>Mon, 16 Jun 2014 22:54:31 GMThttp://www.znailgang.net.nz/z-blog/make-loads-more"Make loads more" was one of the final comments from a questionnaire completed by a test screening audience on Sunday afternoon. 

A group of 14 gathered in Te Puna to view an almost complete version of The Z-Nail Gang (grade and sound mix still in process).  With a selection of wine and cheeses and no previous involvement or detailed knowledge of the film, the group watched with an unbiased perspective as the film unfolded before them.  From outside, the laughter could be heard throughout the screening and the silence was also evident for the more dramatic scenes.  When the viewing finished there was a sense of unabashed enthusiasm and celebration as people sat around to debrief.

Each participant filled in a questionnaire to help us understand their experience of the film. 

The feedback was unanimously positive and we've included some of it below...

The Z-Nail Gang was described as:
"exactly what Geoff Murphy said we should continue to make"
"moving, inspirational, funny"
"staunch kiwiana, fun & strong, very cool"
"thought provoking"
"a great home-grown movie, with current storyline and great humour as well"

On the way home we will be thinking about:
"everything that we remember growing up, old protest movements, a story that needs to be told"
"loved all the arms of community working together for the greater good"
"the capacity by large corporations to underestimate the power of community"

"the theme of community"

Favourite moments in the film:
Well, everyone had different moments so there were too many to name (you'll have to see it for yourself) but there was a resounding sense that people loved the humour – in fact, one comment actually  noted "funny moments - too many to count". Countless comedic scenes were noted as favourites. The beautiful NZ scenery also came up as a highlight, as did the music.  

One of the things people had noted concerns about during the scripting phase was the number of characters represented in this film (not your average 'one-hero' movie), but largely the audience connected with all the characters. They loved the individual representation each of the characters brought to the community.  From staunch Aunty, to graceful good-cop Tipene, to the elusive Hunter, the cheek of the children and the quirks of Ned.  Even the baddies had a fanclub, in particular the Prospectors (who got a huge amount of laughs) and our great bad-cop Srgnt Smith.  A noted favorite overall was the development of the relationship between Dave & Mareeka and their growth not only individually but as a couple through the movie.

The highest scoring single component of the film was the idea/message. Our audience loved that it really celebrated Kiwi community.

So overall folks – we're happy to say we've got a movie that has a definite 'recommend to friends' tick and a definite 'must see NZ film' tick. A satirical comedy with serious undertones that will have you laughing, crying and walking away celebrating the strength of community!

Wine, cheese, projector... this is it folks "The Z-Nail Gang"
Test Screening Selfie with Director Anton Steel
<![CDATA[Post that Poster!                                                                                      The Official Z-Nail Gang Poster Release Competition]]>Sun, 08 Jun 2014 06:23:27 GMThttp://www.znailgang.net.nz/z-blog/post-that-poster-the-official-z-nail-gang-poster-release-competitionTo celebrate the official release of "The Z-Nail Gang" film poster, we're inviting you to get creative with us and be in to WIN an exclusive Z-Nail Prize Pack!


How to enter:

  • Print out a colour A4 version of The Z-Nail Gang Poster (JPEG below)
  • Post it up in a public place, where your community will see it
  • Take a picture of where you've posted it – hopefully with you in the photo – maybe a landscape type shot showing the poster and where it has been placed
  • Post the picture on your Facebook page with the text "The Z-Nail Gang – coming soon!" and share it with
    our Facebook page
  • As soon as we see it on our Facebook page, you will automatically go in the draw!
How easy it that?

The Prize Pack includes:

  • A cinema sized poster signed by the key cast
  • An official Z-Nail Gang t-shirt
  • PLUS a range of other goods c/o of our sponsors (more details to follow)

Terms & Conditions

  • All eligible photos shared on the Z-Nail Facebook page between 8-22 June 2014 automatically go into the draw.
  • Competition ends at 6pm on 22 June.
  • The winner will be announced at 8pm on 22 June.
  • Judges decision is final.
  • Prizes can not be exchanged for the equal cash value.

Good luck and happy posting!

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Download File

<![CDATA[Erroll's best improv line - "I've got a job... I'm a potter!"]]>Wed, 04 Jun 2014 08:43:52 GMThttp://www.znailgang.net.nz/z-blog/errolls-best-improve-line-ive-got-a-jobim-a-potter
We are so privileged to have Erroll Shand playing "Dave" our lead protagonist in The Z-Nail Gang, who has brought real depth and spirit to his character. 

Dave is inspired by a one of the key campaigners in the Coromandel during the 1980's and 90's who fought tirelessly to protect the Peninsula, sometimes legally, sometimes not so much.  In real life he is a potter and a surfer, both passions reflected in the movie. In fact, the very pottery itself becomes a moving analogy, mirroring the forging of community spirit through fire.   

Reluctant at first, when Dave finally joins the protest, his
irreverent actions infuriate and confound the prospectors, police and his wife alike, with entertaining results.

Erroll put a lot of research into his character's arc, motivation and journey and this really shows through in the film.  It's the small details that have really thrilled us during the editing process, the little gestures, subtle subtext and those engaging close-ups!

What we discovered working with Erroll, was his incredible passion for acting and his willingness to go well beyond the call of duty.  After two serious injuries during a major stunt sequence, he bravely battled on for the rest of the day. The best we could do was bring a St. Johns staff member to set to give him the once over.  Then there was the freezing cold swim at sunrise, which he again faced with valor (don't miss the pre-shoot money shot of this in the attached gallery).  

Erroll also really committed himself to the community spirit of the project, enjoying the hospitality of a few home stays (also pictured) while we were finalising permanent accommodation. He was also really encouraging and supportive of our two younger cast members Malachi and Jojo. Being first-time actors, Erroll took them under his wing.  

A massive thanks to Erroll and everything he gave to this film - it simply wouldn't be the same without him!